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If you’re looking to find out about solar systems, this is the place for you! Solar panels use sunlight to create electricity by converting into electricity. Thus, solar panels are a renewable source of energy. They are renewable because the suns can never run out. They are also environmentally friendly. This is because there are no harmful emissions. The more light hits a , the more electricity it produces. Thus, solar panels are especially effective in sunny areas. However, this does not mean that people living in cloudier areas have no use for solar panels. Solar panels are still effective with a normal amount of sunlight. But how are they still effective? What goes on in the panels? How do the panels work?

about solar panel

How Does a Solar Panel Work?

The top layer of the solar panel has electrons (which have a negative charge) which move freely. Meanwhile, the bottom later has holes (where there are no electrons) that also move freely. Thus, there is an imbalance between the top layer and the bottom layer. When sunlight hits the panel, protons get inside the cell. This activates the free moving electrons. This is due to the photovoltaic effect. This makes the electrons begin to move. A few of the electrons in the bottom layer reach the top of the cell. These electrons become electricity and a closed loop is formed. When a closed loop is formed, electrons move from one side of the cell to the other.

How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity?

When the electrons become electricity, they become direct current electricity. Then, the electricity is converted (using an inverter) into alternating current electricity. Direct current has a fixed current and voltage. Meanwhile, alternating current is used in buildings and has an changing current and voltage. The electricity can also be fed into the electrical grid for others to use. However, if you are using an off-grid system, you need a battery to store power. The stored power can then power homes in the night.

Solar panels are great for the environment. They also help you save money, as you pay less electricity bills. This is because you create your own power. Solar energy will power the future. Many already use solar power. Will you?

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