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Which countries are using photovoltaic energy the most?

Which countries are using photovoltaic energy the most?


Photovoltaic energy is a sustainable and cheap way to produce energy. Some countries are already taking full advantage of this technology. Photovoltaic energy is produced in solar modules. Light energy is transformed into electricity in photovoltaic cells.

Here is a list of top countries that use the most photovoltaic energy:


  • China


China has the most photovoltaic energy capacity than any other country in the world.  At a gargantuan 130 gigawatts. In China, there is the largest solar plant located in China’s Tengger Desert.

China has also a big solar panel technology market, one of the biggest in the world. In fact, around 60% of solar panels are being made here.


  • Japan


The Kyocera Corporation’s Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant is recently Japan biggest solar power plant. The amount of photovoltaic energy produced by it can generate electricity for more or less 22.000 houses.


  • Germany


Germany has roughly 1.6 million installed solar arrays. That would be 10% of the world installed capacity (2018).

It is quite impressive, taking into consideration that Germany is not the sunniest country.


  • United States of America


In 2018 in the United States installed over 2 GW of solar capacity.

Moreover, the United States predicted to double this number in the next 5 years.

The number already rise more or less 9% per year.

The leading US state for using solar panels energy is California. California electricity comes in 17% form solar panels.  There are nearly 23GW solar installed.


  • Italy

Solar technology in Italy recently covers 5% of the electricity demand.

Italy uses its advantage of perfect geographical location.

The statistic shows that this shiny country constantly improves with the amount of energy produced by solar powers. In fact, in 2018 the number of solar increased by 17% from 51 MW to 60.1 MW.

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