Solar Panel

Amorphous Solar Panel

Amorphous Panel

Solar cells can use amorphous silicon to create an amorphous panel. panels use light from the sun to produce energy. They are an eco friendly way of creating power. An amorphous panel is only one type of many panels. An amorphous silicon cell is good for the planet because it does not use toxic metals. However, it has a reduced efficiency and produces less energy than other solar panels.

amorphous solar panel

Amorphous vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Amorphous panels are more effective. However, the system needs more panels than polycrystalline solar panels. It can require mounting rails as well. So, they can cost more than other types of solar panels. Also, while some like to say amorphous thin film panels are better, the data can be out of date. Polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels have become better than amorphous solar panels.

Amorphous solar panels are fairly new. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels have been around for longer. Thus, they have proven themselves to work. They have even worked in ! So, if you want to make sure that your solar panel lasts, you should consider that amorphous solar panels have not yet proven themselves.

Why is Amorphous Silicon Relevant Now?

The technology has been improved. Thin-film solar cells are made during production. This makes it much more effective than it previously was. Also, it is much easier now to make amorphous solar panels. This means they are less costly to manufacture than crystalline cells. However, higher temperatures and shading impact photo voltaic panel performance less than amorphous solar panels. Also, amorphous silicon needs a bigger area. This means that while thin-film solar panels are low cost, they also need to be installed in an area where there is a lot of space. Thus, they are not ideal for homes.

While amorphous silicon is interesting and is an option for a business or for large pieces of land, for the ordinary house, it does not pay off. Solar power is the future, but amorphous solar cells may not be a part of that future. However, they may work for you. You should look at the pros and cons of the panels to decide.

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